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Uncle Matt tells you about what’s happening in our groves…

Friday, June 20th, 2008

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‘Uncle Matt’ elected OTA Vice President

Friday, June 13th, 2008

Matt McLean, CEO of Uncle Matt'sMatt McLean, founder and CEO of the Florida juice maker Uncle Matt’s Organic, has been elected Vice-President (USA) of North America’s Organic Trade Association (OTA). He will serve as Vice-President (USA) for one year, and has also been reelected as an OTA Board member for a further three years.

The OTA’s officers for 2008-2009 year were announced during the All Things Organic trade show in Chicago. McLean will be working within the Executive Committee assisting the association’s new President, Julia Sabin of Smucker Quality Beverages, as well as continuing his work in the Fund-raising Committee.

“It is an honour to be reelected by the members, and I look forward to the challenges we face as an industry,” said McLean. “I would encourage other people to get involved with OTA, because it’s our members who are the true experts within the industry.

“My goal is to increase awareness about organic living and organic products while maintaining the integrity of the USDA organic seal. These are two key items if we want to ensure a high value in the mind of the consumer.”

McLean, who comes from a citrus farming family, set up Uncle Matt’s Organic in 1999. The company sells all-natural organic orange juice as well as fresh organic fruit.

Organic Production Increases Antioxidant Levels and Sensory Quality of Mandarin Orange Juice

Friday, June 13th, 2008

Spain is the second leading producer in the  world of mandarin oranges, and the main supplier of mandarin oranges and juice  moving through international markets.  A team of Spanish scientists grew  conventional and organic oranges on the same farm, using the same irrigation  methods and variety of tree.  The study  was carefully designed to eliminate or control other sources of variation in  the nutrient and sensory quality parameters addressed by the team.

The conventional blocks of  oranges were treated with up to nine herbicides and four insecticides.  Weeds were controlled in the organic trees  with cultivation, and insects were controlled with neem oil and pheromone  traps.

Interestingly, the team  reported few differences between the conventional and organic oranges at the  time of picking, although the organic fruit was marginally smaller and  contained 13% more Vitamin C.  But in the  juice, the team reports that organically grown mandarin oranges produces juice  that:

  • Is more intensely  colored, and has a superior aroma and taste,
  • Contains higher  levels of all eight minerals studied (in three cases by 50% or more),
  • Has a 40% higher  concentration of total carotenoids (Vitamin A).

Source: F. Beltran-Gonzalez et al., “Effects of agricultural  practices on instrumental colour, mineral content, carotenoids composition, and  sensory quality of mandarin orange juice, cv. Hernandina,” Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, 2008