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O.J. Good for the Heart

Friday, July 24th, 2009

LAS VEGAS—WebMD reports a flavonoid in orange juice called hesperidin improves blood vessel function and helps lower a person’s risk of heart disease. The findings will be presented this week at the American Heart Association’s Basic Cardiovascular Sciences Annual Conference in Las Vegas.

Twenty-four healthy men at risk for cardiovascular disease each drank either 500 milliliters of orange juice each day, a drink that contained the same calories as orange juice, or a drink fortified with 292 milligrams of hesperidin every day for one month. A 500-milliliter glass of orange juice naturally contains 292 milligrams of hesperidin.

The men who drank the daily orange juice or the hesperidin-fortified drink had better endothelial function and lower diastolic blood pressure than the men that drank the non-hesperidin beverage.