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Uncle Matt’s blog review

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

Thanks to Inspired by Savannah for this great review!

Uncle Matt’s Organic Juice — 100% Juice, with No Added Flavoring — Each Glass is Simply Delicious! (Review)

I ended up picking up a bottle of Uncle Matt’s Organic Apple Juice, as well as their Organic Orange Juice.  Now that Savannah is drinking whole milk and juices, I make a point to buy her juices that are made from 100% juice, and not from concentrate.  Most of my friends with young children spend top dollar on organic juices, but don’t check the labels to see if they contain 100% juice.  Just the other day at a playdate meetup, I opened up a juice box of one of my daughter’s friends, and noticed it only contained 10% juice.  When I asked my friend why she likes this brand, she said because it was “organic.”  Then, I showed her Savannah’s new organic apple juice from Uncle Matt’s Organic.  I let her and her son try a glass, and they both loved it.  My friend’s son even asked for some in his sippy cup, instead of the juice his mom brought.  Within 3 days, Savannah has finished this bottle of juice.  Each and every time I gave her a sippy cup full, she couldn’t stop smiling between sips, and continually said, “Yum!”

As for the orange juice, which my husband and I tried, it was so delicious.  I am not a huge fan of OJ due to the acid reflux it causes me, but after trying a glass, I didn’t have any issues with acid.  As we took sips of this juice, we couldn’t believe how fresh it tasted.  If you hadn’t seen me pour it from a bottle, you would have thought I spent the whole morning squeezing fresh oranges.

In addition to giving me acid reflux, other orange juice products also leave me thirsty afterwards — but, not Uncle Matt’s Organic.  After just one glass, I felt refreshed and was rearing to go.  With the warmer months around the corner, I can’t wait to try Uncle Matt’s Organic Lemonade.  I have heard from others that this juice is so tasty, and a great thirst quencher.  Overall, my experience with Uncle Matt’s Organic juices has been great.  I am so glad I finally found it at a local retailer, and will be making a point to pick up more of their organic apple juice for Savannah and her friends.

I guarantee that once you try a bottle of Uncle Matt’s Organic juice, you will not be going back to your old brands, which are usually from concentrate and watered down.