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Uncle Matt’s featured in WholeFoods Magazine’s beverages feature

Monday, October 29th, 2012

Fungicide Found in Mainstream Orange Juice
Juice drinkers were soured at the thought of carbendazim in their OJ. Coca-Cola found traces of the dangerous fungicide in its Minute Maid orange juice, while PepsiCo also detected low levels of it in Tropicana.

Juice Market Analysis. According to Matt McLean, CEO of Uncle Matt’s, Clermont, FL, this news had a positive effect on organic juice manufacturers, like his company. “We abide by organic regulations. We don’t use any synthetic fungicides like carbendazim. You won’t find it in an organic product like Uncle Matt’s,” says McLean.

He reports that his company saw a spike in awareness about organic juices, and in “the understanding that you can have an option without synthetic fertilizers.” McLean noted an uptick in interest from parents who wanted to be sure their children’s juices are free of chemicals and synthetic fertilizers.

An organic farmer has USDA approved materials that can be used in lieu of fungicides. “One thing we use is compost, which creates good bacteria that fights the bad and out-competes the fungus. We have a variety of methods that we use,” says McLean.

McLean also confirms that there was a bump in sales for his company’s organic juices.

Other natural companies benefitted, too. GoodBelly, has grown its line of natural probiotic juices. Alan Murray, CEO of GoodBelly, Boulder, CO, says one hot new launch was a GoodBelly 10 Ounce Probiotic Coconut Water. Coconut water has been popular as an electrolyte and hydration enhancer, and the probiotics add digestive health benefits.

The firm also confirms that customers are constantly looking for interesting, exciting flavors. “The most interesting flavor combinations available to consumers contain fresh and unique ingredients that also offer a variety of health benefits,” says Murray. GoodBelly has met this need with flavors like pomegranate blackberry and blueberry acai “because they are exotically delicious ingredients that also offer a number of health benefits,” Murray says. Taste and benefit are some of the most important factors in the functional beverage industry, he states. “Consumers today want the biggest bang for their buck, and that absolutely applies to ingredients and flavors.”

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Enter our Color-fall Lunchbox Contest

Friday, October 5th, 2012

Enter for a Chance to Win!

The colors of fall bring a luscious and healthy cornucopia of natural foods packed with vitamins, minerals and fiber! In honor of one of our favorite seasons (it is football season, after all), we’re looking for your take on what makes a nutritious and creative lunchbox using ‘color-fall’ foods in these hues: robust reds, golden yellows, blazing oranges, bold browns and deep greens!

Entries will be posted and judged on Facebook for a chance to win a sustainable Bento-style lunchbox plus a $75 gift card to the grocer of your choice. Hurry! This contest ends November 10.

Entries will be judged on creativity, presentation, and use of organic and healthy ingredients.

Enter on our Facebook page now!

Entry Rules:

  1. Each lunchbox must include: main dish (salad, sandwich, soup), drink, and side item or items.
  2. Visibly incorporate foods that are red, yellow, orange, brown and green into the lunch presentation.
    1. The drink counts as a “color” and Uncle Matt’s brand juices will earn you brownie points.
    2. Farm-fresh, natural, raw and organic foods will earn you brownie points.
    3. New and fun ways of food presentation will earn you brownie points.
    4. Innovative lunchbox recipes will earn you brownie points.
    5. Make sure you include a short summary of the lunchbox menu (in the “caption” part of the entry), notating where the colors are located (e.g. fresh RED bell pepper in the tuna salad) and you can link to your recipe, if applicable.
    6. Take a photo of your “color-fall” lunchbox and upload to Facebook.

Voting Rules:

  1. You may vote for your favorite entry only once.
  2. You can invite others to our Facebook page to like us and vote for your favorite entry.
  3. You can share your own photo entry with others to encourage your friends to vote for you.
  4. Check back on November 10 (the voting deadline) to see if you’ve won!

Winner will be announced on Facebook on November 10, 2012.