Wake Up Your Tastebuds With Uncle Matt’s New 100% Florida Organic Grapefruit Juice Now Available Nationwide

CLERMONT, FL — Uncle Matt’s Organic announced today that it will be adding 100% pure Florida organic grapefruit juice to its healthy line of organic fruit and juices.  The grapefruit juice, which is a delicious, flavorful blend of mellow Ruby Reds and robust Whites, with some juicy dark red Rios and Flames squeezed in for extra sweetness, will be available year round and debuts the first of October.

“We’re happy to finally announce the launch of our grapefruit juice,” says Matt McLean, CEO and founder of Uncle Matt’s. “By transitioning enough acreage to organic in our family of growers, we now have the fruit and volume to provide premium organic grapefruit juice. Customers are assured that the quality and supply is consistent with other Uncle Matt’s products and that no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers have ever been used in the growing process.”

Organic grapefruit juice is a great alternative for the morning juice glass with health benefits all its own. Uncle Matt’s not-from-concentrate, flash-pasteurized juice is packed with vitamin C and is a source of calcium, folic acid, phosphorus and potassium.  Not to mention, there’s even more health benefits derived from grapefruit’s powerful phytonutrients like free radical-fighting lycopene and disease-deterring limonoids.

Uncle Matt’s grapefruit juice will be available nationwide through UNFI and Whole Foods and will carry the same pricepoint as its 59 oz. organic orange juice counterparts.

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