Our new Organic Orange Turmeric and Organic Orange Coconut juices contain probiotics. Here we’re giving you the scoop on these new items, and the science behind our probiotic partner, GanedenBC30. We’ve also partnered with MegaFood to use their Farm Fresh organic Hawaiian turmeric for our Organic Orange Turmeric juice. Read on…

GanedenBC30 FAQs
About MegaFood

What is GanedenBC30? It is:

  • The trademarked name for the patented strain of probiotic bacteria, Bacillus coagulans GBI-30, 6086
  • An ingredient in foods, beverages and supplements
  • Safe – It’s NOT a drug – as per our FDA GRAS affirmation
  • Clinically studied and supported by over 20 peer reviewed, published papers
  • Calorie and gluten-free
  • Organic Compliant
  • Vegan
  • Kosher and halal
  • A sustainable, naturally occurring, non-GMO ingredient – no “engineering” here
  • Used as an ingredient, ONLY to provide added health benefits to consumers. GanedenBC30 will not change the composition or taste of any product

What makes GanedenBC30 different from other probiotics?

GanedenBC30 is an EXTREMELY stable probiotic due to the cell’s ability to form a protective spore. Just like plant seeds wait to grow until spring when the temperature and moisture levels are optimal, GanedenBC30 spores wait to germinate and grow until they reach the intestines where the conditions are just right. This protective shell also gives GanedenBC30 the ability to survive harsh manufacturing processes, product shelf life and finally, the journey through the digestive system – most other probiotics just can’t survive these stresses.

Is GanedenBC30 safe?

Ganeden has conducted extensive safety studies on GanedenBC30, which have been published (Endres 2009, Endres2011) and culminated with Ganeden receiving FDA GRAS. These tests prove that even when GanedenBC30 is consumed at much higher levels than what is found in food and beverage products, that there are no safety concerns. FDA GRAS is strain specific, and GanedenBC30 is the only Bacillus that has been granted FDA GRAS status.

Safety Assessment Of A Proprietary Preparation Of A Novel Probiotic, Bacillus Coagulans, As A Food Ingredient
Food and Chemical Toxicology, 2009; 47: 1231–1238
J.R. Endresa, A. Clewella, K.A. Jadea, T. Farberb, J. Hauswirthc A.G. Schaussa

One-Year Chronic Oral Toxicity With Combined Reproduction Toxicity Study Of A Novel Probiotic, Bacillus Coagulans, As A Food Ingredient
Food and Chemical Toxicology Article in Press
J.R. Endresa, I. Qureshia, T. Farberb, J. Hauswirthc, G. Hirkad, I. Pasicsd, A.G. Schaussa

GanedenBC30 is a spore-forming probiotic – which means that, similar to a seed, its genetic material is protected by a hard shell. This spore safeguards the probiotic from the heat, cold and pressure of manufacturing processes, allows for stability during the product shelf life and protects the cells from the acid and bile they are exposed to during transit through the digestive system. Once it is safely inside the small intestine, the probiotic germinates and colonizes to provide benefits.

GanedenBC30 is the only bacillus that the FDA has reviewed for safety.

GanedenBC30 is the only bacillus that has been the subject of over 20 studies published in peer reviewed journals—which means experts have reviewed the results of the studies.

GanedenBC30 is the only bacillus that has been endorsed by Dr. Mehmet Oz, Dr. Michael Roizen, Dr. Andrew Weil.

In peer reviewed, published clinical studies, GanedenBC30 has been shown to support digestive and immune health, which can become compromised by many factors including travel, poor diet and lack of sleep. These conditions can decrease the levels of good bacteria found in the gut where over 70% of your immune cells reside.

Read peer reviewed clinical studies by clicking here.

Does GanedenBC30 contain gluten?

GanedenBC30 is gluten-free.

Is GanedenBC30 safe to consume while I’m pregnant or nursing?

It is best to talk to your health care provider about any supplementation while pregnant.

Is GanedenBC30 vegan?



About Our Partnership with MegaFood

Who is MegaFood?

Fresh from farm to tablet, MegaFood is as real as it gets. Since 1973, MegaFood has been committed to making products that use real food from family-owned farms to make a real difference, and has produced some of the most effective and award-winning supplements available today. A pioneer in the natural products industry, MegaFood was the first company to make vitamins from scratch using farm fresh whole foods. MegaFood continues to innovate by sourcing fresh and local foods and manufactures more than 30 beneficial nutrients using their proprietary Slo-Food Process™.

What is turmeric?

Turmeric root is an ancient culinary herb traditionally used for thousands of years as a flavorful and colorful spice in curry dishes. Today, turmeric is widely consumed as a superfood due to emerging research which has identified turmeric as a potent antioxidant and for its ability to support digestive health.

What is the source of the turmeric in Uncle Matt’s Organic Orange Turmeric juice?

It is turmeric from Kauai Organic Farms in Hawaii. Kauai Organic Farms is a MegaFood Farm Fresh partner.

How much turmeric is in an 8oz serving of Uncle Matt’s Organic Orange Turmeric juice?

500 mg.

What is MegaFood’s Slo-Food Process and why is it important?

MegaFood’s Slo-Food Process includes a unique food drying technology called Refractance Window Drying. The benefit of this drying method is it maintains a food’s aromatic properties – color, smell, flavor-  plus it’s nutritional value.  Unlike more common drying methods, this gentle method does not expose the food to direct heat or extreme temperatures. As a result, the dried turmeric powder we produce tastes, smells and is as vibrant in color as the freshly harvest root. The bright orange color of Turmeric is directly related to it’s rich concentration of curcuminoid, the compounds identified to be responsible for turmeric’s antioxidant and health benefits.

Can you tell us a bit more about Kauai Organic Farms? Who are they?

Kauai Organic Farms is a family owned and operated farm on the North Shore of Kauai. Kauai is known as the Garden Island of Hawaii, it offers nutrient rich soils and a constant supply of fresh rainwater. It has proven to be the ideal location for our specialty organic farm.

A Family Farm

Phil and Linda Green have owned Kauai Organic Farms for the last 10 years. Originally from Michigan, they met in college and have been married for over 30 years. After moving to North Carolina in 1979, they began visiting Kauai regularly and always knew it held a special place in their heart.

After Phil retired from over twenty years of reforestation work in North Carolina, Phil and Linda decided to pursue their dream of owning a farm in Hawaii. In 2004 they packed up and moved to Kauai. With little knowledge of growing ginger, they took a risk and purchased an established farm growing four acres of ginger. Slowly they expanded and added turmeric and galangal to their product offerings.

Phil and Linda continually make improvements with their growing techniques and cover cropping. They now manage up to 15 employees at any given time and are passionate for sustainable agriculture. They keep extensive records and visit their fields several times a day, continuously inspecting the growth and plant needs.

Phil and Linda continue to enjoy the Kauai lifestyle, taking advantage of the beautiful land and ocean activities, and being active members of their communities. They enjoy watching the sunrise each day, tackling the daily challenges that exist with growing and sustaining a business, and get much satisfaction at the end of the day by watching the sky colors change over their fields. They truly are living their dream.

Can I take turmeric while nursing or pregnant?

Although, it is considered safe to consume turmeric root in as a food during pregnancy and nursing, it’s spicy & hot flavor may be to strong for some woman. Taking turmeric root as a dietary supplement in an extract form is contraindicated for use during pregnancy and lactation.





Rave Reviews

I just wanted to let you know, my pregnant wife had a craving for orange juice. So we went to Whole Foods and brought home 5 different cartons of juice and had a taste test. And we both decided that your juice was the best. So there you go. Nice work. — Dave F., Highlands Ranch, CO

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