Fruit varieties


Valencia Oranges:
Known for its dark orange color and rich fresh-squeezed flavor, the Valencia is the premier juice orange from Florida. Preferred by many juice lovers, it’s the orange variety that made Florida famous!

Navel Oranges:
The perennial favorite. Big, juicy and fun-to-eat, navels are always a popular choice for good eating.

Hamlin Oranges:
Delicious early-season variety. Excellent for slicing fresh or squeezing your own premium juice.

Sunburst Tangerines:
One of the most impressively attractive mandarins, the Sunburst Tangerine is a native of sunny Florida. This premium fresh fruit matures early in November and delivers its sweet and satisfying flavor in a small package.

Honey Tangerines:
The Honey Tangerine is tender and juicy, with a deep orange color. This easy-peeling tangerine possesses a sweet and mellow flavor, similar to the Navel orange. It’s Florida’s most famous tangerine.

Orlando Tangelos:
What do you get when you cross a grapefruit with a tangerine? An Orlando Tangelo, of course! Tender and juicy, the light orange inside of this hybrid beauty is super-sweet with very low acid. Take a tango with a tangelo and we bet you’ll be back for more!

White Grapefruit:
Unsurpassed for flavor, the white grapefruit is firm and juicy, with a tangy-sweet, distinctive flavor.

Ruby Red Grapefruit:
Known as the finest grapefruit, the Ruby Red boasts a sweeter and less bitter flavor than the traditional white grapefruit. Easy to eat, they’re tender and juicy with few seeds. Grapefruit heaven!

Rave Reviews

Thank you very much for producing, as what I see as, the best organic oranges on the market. I am at the moment seated to an organic orange, grown by your farm. Well, thanks again! Good luck with the organic growing. — Pearce D., Ottowa, ON

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