Upgrade Your Water With Uncle Matt’s New Cold Pressed, Fruit Infused Probiotic Waters

Clermont, FL — March 08, 2016 — Uncle Matt’s Organic proudly announces the launch of their new fruit infused organic probiotic waters, available in three refreshing citrus flavors. This functional water beverage line combines proven, patented probiotics with cold-pressed, fresh-squeezed organic citrus juice, as well as real organic citrus peel, which contains antioxidant flavonoids.

Offered in orange, lemon and grapefruit, each refreshing flavor is 10 calories or less per serving with only two grams or less of sugar. Available in a popular 16.9 ounce size, it’s perfect for post-workout recovery, the lunchbox or as a wonderful upgrade for the ubiquitous car cup holder.

Additionally, Uncle Matt’s fruit-infused waters are made with a touch of real organic citrus peel. Citrus peels contain antioxidant flavonoids, like hesperidin. When used in their natural form, the peel’s antioxidant effects are enhanced by the high levels of vitamin C found in citrus fruits.

“Uncle Matt’s has created a healthy, low calorie and low sugar beverage that’s on-trend, light, refreshing and functional,” says Matt McLean, CEO and Founder. “We’re excited to be the first to infuse water with cold-pressed, high pressure -processed fruit juice and the power of citrus peel. Think ‘Refreshing Spa Water’ with a probiotic punch.”

As with other probiotic-enhanced beverages in the Uncle Matt’s product line, the waters feature proven and patented Ganeden BC30 probiotics, with over 1 billion CFUs per bottle, to support a healthy immune and digestive system.

The product will begin shipping nationwide in May, 2015 with a suggested MSRP of $3.49 to $3.99. Stop by booth 2508 this week at Natural Products Expo West for a sampling of these new fruit infused probiotic waters.


For media inquiries, contact:

Susan McLean, Marketing Director
Uncle Matt’s Organic
(352) 394-8737

Rave Reviews

You guys are awesome. Thanks for providing us with a good quality orange juice. I have been a customer ever since I tasted your product. Just a few days ago, I tasted the Minute Maid orange juice and I was DISGUSTED. It tasted like orange flavored water. Yours tastes like oranges and the best part is that it’s organic. SO thank you for this great product of yours, I am a customer for life! — Tony

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