Uncle Matt’s Organic is USDA Certified Organic!

Our juices are certified organic, and we don’t add any flavor packets or peel oil. We are committed to supporting family farmers and to helping farms convert to organic.

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Our family of products:

59 oz. organic juices

calcium59oz withpulp59oz pulpfree59oz  grapefruit59oz apple59oz  lemonade59oz
 Calcium +
Vitamin D
 With Pulp  Pulp Free Grapefruit  Apple  Lemonade


orangetangerine orangemango Orange Coconut with Probiotics Orange Turmeric with Probiotics
Orange Tangerine Orange Mango Reduced Calorie
Orange Coconut
Orange Turmeric

28 oz. organic juices

28 oz organic orange juice pulp free 28 oz organic grapefruit juice 28 oz organic lemonade 28 oz organic apple juice
Pulp Free Orange Grapefruit Lemonade

12 oz. organic juices

calcium-12-oz-sm grapefruit-12-oz-sm pulp-free-12-oz-sm apple-12-oz-sm Uncle Matt's 12 oz lemonade 12 oz orange turmeric 12 oz orange coconut
Calcium +
Vitamin D
Grapefruit Pulp Free Apple Lemonade Orange

Uncle Matt’s Fruit-Infused Probiotic Waters

Grapefruit Water Orange Water Lemon Water
Cold Pressed Grapefruit Water Cold Pressed Orange Water Cold Pressed Lemon Water

Rave Reviews

Thank you so much for this product. I love the fact that it is organic. Me and my family are trying to be healthier and ever since I tried the orange juice I’ve only bought Uncle Matt’s Organic brand! It has a wonderful taste, not too sweet. Thank you so much for this product! — Olga D., Fremont, CA

Why should you go organic?

Organic farming uses no synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. In fact, in order to be certified organic you must be free from these materials for a minimum of three years prior to your first harvest. Organic farming results in less damage to the environment and ecosystem.

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Meet the Uncle Matt’s Team

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