Reduced-Calorie Orange Coconut with Living Probiotics

Orange Coconut with ProbioticsNEW!

This fitting flavor combination offers the super-charged nutrition of orange juice with the added electrolyte benefits of coconut water – all with a probiotic punch! With only 70 calories per serving (36% less than regular orange juice!) our Orange Coconut delivers a light, refreshing orange taste with a tropical twist you – and your waistline – will love.

• Only 70 calories per serving
• Powerful living patented probiotics, 1 billion CFUs per 8 oz serving
• GanedenBC30 Probiotic supports a healthy digestive and immune system, and has over 20 peer-reviewed published clinical studies.
• 36% fewer calories and 40% less natural fruit sugar than orange juice alone
• Refreshing combination of orange juice and coconut water
• All pure organic ingredients

Nutrition Facts

Learn more about Ganeden BC30 and it’s benefits in our Frequently Asked Questions.

Rave Reviews

“I am constantly on the search for fruits WITH seeds, just as God created them. I am so happy to find that your Valencia oranges have not lost theirs. They are SWEET!!! A rare find these days. Now, I go in search for the elusive SEEDED grapefruit.” — Angela H.

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