The Marvel of Matcha

Organic Matcha Lemonade

Introducing Uncle Matt’s Matcha green tea lemonade: A 50/50 blend of organic Matcha green tea with our delicious homestyle organic lemonade for an energizing combination with powerful perks!

Matcha is no ordinary green tea. These Japanese tea leaves are grown in the shade to increase chlorophyll content, boasting 10x the antioxidants of regular tea and 7x more than dark chocolate. Besides its antioxidant capabilities, Matcha green tea is loaded with catechin, EGCg, which is most widely recognized for its cancer fighting properties. Matcha green tea contains more EGCg than any other tea on the market.

If that’s not enough, studies show that regular consumption of Matcha green tea is known to have LDL cholesterol-lowering effects. And did you know that Matcha green tea contains up to 5x more of the amino acid L-theanine than regular green tea! L-theanine helps relieve stress and boost relaxation.

With an iconic flavor blend, it’s the perfect go-to pick-me-up every day of the week.

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Rave Reviews

Just wanted to give your company a simple thank you for providing amazing OJ. Definitely the best I’ve had. Not like the stuff I grew up on. Anyways thank you and all the farmers for providing all these delicious oranges. — Steve B.

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