Uncle Matt's Probiotic Waters are a perfect upgrade to waterUncle Matt's Organic Fruit Infused Probiotic Waters

Uncle Matt’s fruit infused waters are not only refreshing, but low in calories AND sugar. With a fresh squeezed taste, you’re hydrating with the cold pressed power of our organic citrus and real citrus zest.

Proven, patented probiotics: With 21 clinicial trials, GanedenBC30 supports a healthy immune and digestive system, plus protein absorption.

Real zest: Citrus zest contains high levels of antioxidants, and contain flavonoids like hesperidin, which contributes to their many health benefits.

High pressure protected: We use high pressure instead of heat pasteurization to maximize the flavor of our fresh squeezed juices.

No added junk: No preservatives, no added sugars, sweeteners or flavors. Just pure and simple fruit infused water.

So hydrate healthy and upgrade your water today. Uncle Matt’s Cold Pressed Organic Fruit Infused Waters are “a-peelingly fresh” and delicious.

Lemon Water Nutrition Facts  |  Orange Water Nutrition Facts  |  Grapefruit Water Nutrition Facts

Coming to stores Summer, 2017: Lemon Ginger Water & Lemon Strawberry Water

Interested in purchasing our new fruit infused probiotic waters? Ask your store manager to order them for you, or soon you’ll be able to order direct through our website. Stay tuned!

Rave Reviews

I would like to rave about your Apple Juice. I am an apple juice love and I have always been a fan of Simply Apple. While on a play date with my daughter, the mother served your Apple juice and I loved the taste. It was great. She gave me container for me to take home with me and I have been using it for my daughter since then. Thanks for making a great product. — Candace L.

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