Uncle Matt’s Organic Florida Peaches

Organic Florida peachesWith soft skin and summer-sweet flavor, our Florida-grown peaches are U.S.D.A certified-organic and are a great source of potassium, fiber, antioxidants and vitamins A and C.

Grown by a network of Central Florida peach farmers, our crop has been developed to grow early and in warmer climates. It’s harvested before the crop from our famous peach-growing state to the North, and typically only require 150 to 300 “chill hours” (the time at or below 45 degrees F that is required for fruit propagation) compared with double that amount of time for conventional peach production.

Uncle Matt’s currently represents 3 acres of Florida-grown organic peaches and that number continues to grow. Our peaches are in season from early May to early June and are available in the Tropic Beauty and Florida Beauty varieties.

Reach for a peach to replace added and unnecessary refined sugar intake in your diet. They’re also a perfect choice for desserts and jams. Place them on top of whole-grain cereal or cottage cheese. Or anytime you’re craving something sweet and nutritious.

Click here for Uncle Matt’s delicious organic peach recipes.

Rave Reviews

I bought my first bag of your Valencia oranges at Whole Foods and I am thrilled to experience the taste of childhood oranges. We used to stop on the side of the road and Dad would pick and orange or two and we would relish the sloppy, tasty treat. Yours are the organic orange of choice for me! — Sharon M.

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